My child is now 4 years old and I have been coming to Isha Diagnostic Centre since the time of my pregnancy. I have done my Antenatal blood investigations and Sonography here and I found it very convenient since it’s done under one roof. I have always been able to talk with the Pathologist and Sonologist who are very experienced. They have never made me feel insecure or my questions irrelevant. Thank you Doctors for your support. Will remember you always.
Mrs Swapnali Raut
I have been coming to Isha Laboratory, Guruwar Peth since the last 21 years for checking my blood sugar. I have always valued the accuracy of my blood sugar reports as well as the precautions and hygiene maintained at the laboratory. Madam has always valued patients like me and we have been able to force her to keep Blood Sugar charges to the minimum. After discussing with patients like me, she has made a Diabetic card which has readings for the last 6 months. This has helped me and my consultant to have a quick review of results . I wish her all the best.
Mr Prakash Tated
I’m 45 year old and coming along with my entire family for investigations, whenever needed to Isha Diagnostic Centre. We come all the way from Nanded City to this centre because of few reasons - First of all accuracy of results, secondly friendly staff and thirdly trustworthy doctors. Best of luck and well wishes to the entire team.
Mr Sarvesh Kulkarni
I have been coming to Isha Diagnostic Centre since the last 4 years. I am 53 years old with a host of problems including obesity and hypertension. Dr Suchita Gedam is more a friend than a Doctor to me. She has been a major motivational person in my weight loss journey. The lab reports and sonography reports are very accurate and trustworthy. Best wishes to the team.
Mrs Varsha Bhosale
I’m a case of ITP and I have been coming to this centre regularly since the last 12 years . I have always appreciated the kindly staff and impromptu reporting. Dr Suchita Gedam personally enquires about my health every time I visit the centre for tests. I wish them all the best for the future.
Ms . Gauri Sainkar